Albert Community and the Surrounding Community

Schools are often a reflection of the surrounding community. Everything from the exterior of the building to the school mascot plays a part in depicting the community that the school is in. It is no secret that Albert Community school is placed in a low to middle income neighbourhood. The school sits in Regina North Central which houses almost 50% of Regina’s Aboriginal population according to the 2011 Canadian census, and is located closely to the Piapot Urban Reserve.

The message board in front of the school

The richly Aboriginal community is reflected well within the school. The emblem posted on the sign outside the school features a medicine wheel and feathers which are typically associated with Aboriginal culture. The exterior of the school features artwork which directly reflects the community. The inside features books, posters, and languages that are linked directly with Aboriginal culture. The sense of community within the school altogether reflects a place that students want to be in.

The weathered sign reads ‘Albert School’

The slogan of the school, “Keeping Community Together” gives me an idea that maintaining the link between school and community is mainly the responsibility of the school. After speaking with a few of the staff I was informed of the low parent participation in their children’s education.

After my time in the school I decided to drive around the neighbourhood. I witnessed many of the students were reluctant to leave the school premises. After an hour of school being out many of the students were still roaming the streets in freezing temperatures in nothing more than a hoodie.

After arriving home I ventured onto the online site. I had been on it briefly before, but this time I went on with the motive to view every category on the menu bar. On first appearance, the site looked clean and organized, but as I read the posts I noticed that for the most part it hadn’t been updated since the summer before school started in the fall. Most menu items I clicked on took me to an outdated or blank page that stated that construction was taking place. I was disappointed that the online portion of the school was obviously not a priority.

The surrounding community of Albert Community School is home to low income families living in less than ideal situations. It is inside the school that support and academics are provided to each student in each unique scenario. The school provides breakfast and lunch programs to support students who are not lucky enough to come to school having eaten. Teachers often taking on the roll of educators, guidance counselor and in some cases becoming a type of parental figure to their student’s in order to provide a positive school experience for each student attending Albert Community School.


Author: Hayley Hodson

I have known I wanted to be a teacher my entire life. I never had a doubt in my mind of what I wanted to be in this world. Even though I was certain of the end goal, I never stopped to wonder what the journey to get to that point would look like. This blog is it. This blog is the messy middle where I transition from student to teacher. Every thought and belief I have and learn throughout my education is posted to this blog in order to document my journey in becoming a teacher. I invite you all to join me as I strive to become more than just a teacher, but also a kind and inclusive citizen.

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