Back in Kindergarten

I feel as if I am back in kindergarten. When was the last time I sang the alphabet? And when was the last time I had trouble counting to twenty? Oh yea, this week! Although I had previously learned much of the alphabet doing it all at once proved to be very difficult and time consuming. Counting was even harder. Sometimes I feel like my fingers just aren’t made for sign language because I definitely suffered a finger cramp or two trying to learn this week’s ASL.

Image result for asl alphabet
via google

Luckily I had some help via the internet. In the beginning I simply googled pictures of the alphabet in ASL. At 6:30 a.m on the bus I could be seen struggling very hard flashing what could be interpreted as gang sings while staring intensely at my phone.

Once the pictures from the chart were ingrained into my brain I found the funnest app for learning the ASL alphabet – ASL word search. Who doesn’t like a word search? I found that by incorporating learning into a fun app on my phone it made learning very easy. Quickly I became very good a recognizing words in correlation to the letter spelling.

Image of a completed word search from the app ASL word search

Next I began learning how to count. This was a bit more difficult as it did not match the way my fingers normally communicate numbers. I am used to using both hands to represent anything above five, but sticking with a single hand was what I needed to do. I found a phenomenal YouTube channel that catered to my goal. The clear and concise video sans audio got right to the point and allowed me to follow along easily. I have a feeling that I will be using the channel ASL THAT in the future.


This concludes this weeks ASL update. I made a video to showcase my learning, follow me at Hayley Hodson to keep updated on each of my videos. I hope to see you all next week as I learn some common ASL phrases.


4 thoughts on “Back in Kindergarten

  1. Hayley, great post! I can imagine that trying to relearn the alphabet and even counting would be extremely challenging! It is great that you found a Youtube channel that is helping you learn these things, videos are a great visual way to learn! I also really enjoyed the video you uploaded, it is great to follow along with your learning! One suggestion I might make would be with your links. It might be nice to have them open up in a new tab, allowing your readers to keep your blog open, as well as have the link open at the same time! (This is definitely not a make or break situation by any means.) Keep up the great work!

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