For most millennials one of our favourite pass-times is cyber stalking. It could be a new friend, co-worker, or the latest guy you met on tinder – we all do it. Rarely, do we hear the cyber dirt that someone has found on us, nor do we take the time to google ourselves. I was tasked with cyber-sleuthing (because it sounds better than stalking) my classmate Amy Arnal. The information I found on her did not take days to find or an extensive list of coding to access. It took about ten minutes using the amazing search engine duckduckgo so that my online hisotry did not interfere with the results.


Here is what I found by just searching her name (I only provided links for what appeared to be professional accounts):

  • Twitter
    • 4th year elementary education student at the Univeristy of Regina
    • Has a passion for the environment and for the priaries
  • Wix Blog
    • Grew up in Southwest Sask. on a mixed farm
    • Previously worked for T.rex.
    • and much more
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
    • This let me know that she hopes to own her own home one day, loves cooking and baking, and also hopes to go to Ireland one day
  • WordPress blog
    • Which had significantly less personal information than the wix blog
  • Grade 1 science blog
  • Youtube
    • Where she shares her progress in learning Afrikaans

This was by no means all of the information I found on Miss. Arnal. This was an interesting activity because it allowed me to see how easily information can be shared and connected. I was able to see that you can never really keep your online life and offline life from overlapping.

3 thoughts on “Cyber-Spy

  1. This whole concept of searching for the info that is out and about on the internet of yourself is quite intriguing. You are right we are always really interested in what other are like or doing, but we forget about ourselves. Especially in teaching the whole idea about perhaps sleuthing yourself could be a useful practice for all educators. Professionalism is huge, specifically where we are from and if we can find out things about ourselves, then students can too. Its important we keep a professional manner both in and out of the class whether in real life or in the cyber world. Loved your tip about duckduckgo, did not know your internet history can interfere with searches. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Eeek! This is crazy. My plan for my wix website is to be my online portfolio. I want to add more personal information about me to be more transparent! It is so funny that you found my Ireland page. I am travelling there this summer! I can’t wait to cyber-sleuth you!

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  3. This was one of my favorite activities in EDTC300 haha. It is very eye opening for oyu and your partner, especially when they hit that sweet spot and find something you didn’t realize was public! I hear it all the time, “But my Facebook Profile is private!”, and we also all know that you can’t trust that to be true. So long are the days of seperate online/offline entities, now everything is fused into one and we have to make sure what we do onlione reflects what we do “IRL”.
    It was nice discussing with you on twitter this past week, I look forward to hearing more from you Hayley!
    All the best,

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