A Basic Girl Learning Basic ASL

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As I entered week three of my #learningproject I began to feel more confident in my signing. My fingers were cooperating, my brain was able to remember the patterns, and I enjoyed learning the phrases because they felt easily applicable to real life situations. I really enjoyed doing phrases, even if the syntax is completely different than written and spoken English, and cannot wait to expand into sentence structure much later in my signing journey.

This week I branched off of apps and turned exclusively to YouTube. I found that copying the movements of real people instead of pictures with confusing arrows was much more beneficial to my learning. After exploring YouTube’s plethora of videos to teach me basic ASL (who knew there were so many people wanting to teach me basic ASL!), I settled on the channel Ashley Clark Fry and used two of her beginner ASL videos: “25 Basic ASL Signs For Beginners” and “25 Basic ASL Signs For Beginners Part 2”.

On top of my feelings of achievement in signing, I am also feeling more and more accomplished in video editing. I now have a rhythm down and am doing significantly less googling for answers. One of my goals for the Learning Project was to become familiar with the process of filming, editing, and posting. I feel that as I gain more experience I feel more confidence in my abilities.

Here is my latest video for learning basic ASL:


Join me next week when I showcase my learning of family and directions.

Author: Hayley Hodson

I have known I wanted to be a teacher my entire life. I never had a doubt in my mind of what I wanted to be in this world. Even though I was certain of the end goal, I never stopped to wonder what the journey to get to that point would look like. This blog is it. This blog is the messy middle where I transition from student to teacher. Every thought and belief I have and learn throughout my education is posted to this blog in order to document my journey in becoming a teacher. I invite you all to join me as I strive to become more than just a teacher, but also a kind and inclusive citizen.

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