The Difference Between You and Me

Diversity lies in all aspects of life and recognizing differences among peers is a great place for a school to start. Celebrating diversity is the next step. At Albert Community School the celebration of diversity is everywhere. A large population of students at the school belong to  ethnic minority groups, including Aboriginal people. Albert School works hard to equally represent and respect all students that go to school.

It is no secret that Canadian society is riddled with racism. Ignoring this problem is not something that Albert School is participating in. In order to promote diversity and equity among ethnicities the school focuses on reconciliation. They have community movie nights that recognize the traumatic effects of colonization. The school also promotes the restoration of Aboriginal culture by offering Cree language classes and having people from the Aboriginal Community come in to engage students in traditional Aboriginal storytelling and traditions.

Apart from racial diversity, Albert School also recognizes diversity in gender. In classes students are taught about the differences between females and males, and also the similarities. Respectful and inclusive practices in regard to gender are carried throughout the school. From school rules about personal space to respect for gender differences.

One part where the school falls short is support for the LGBTQ+ community. There is no GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) nor any type of support group for those that do not fit within the gender binary. Though I was assured posters that stated that this school is a safe place were enough in regards to sexual and gender diversity, I feel as if I’d like to hear from those who identify with non-binary labels.

Albert Community School works very hard to ensure students are treated with equity and feel included. I commend all staff and students for taking the time to participate in reconciliation, learn about diversity, and recognize the issues at hand in Canadian Society. Continue to work hard and never stop the progress that this school works hard to push forward.


Author: Hayley Hodson

I have known I wanted to be a teacher my entire life. I never had a doubt in my mind of what I wanted to be in this world. Even though I was certain of the end goal, I never stopped to wonder what the journey to get to that point would look like. This blog is it. This blog is the messy middle where I transition from student to teacher. Every thought and belief I have and learn throughout my education is posted to this blog in order to document my journey in becoming a teacher. I invite you all to join me as I strive to become more than just a teacher, but also a kind and inclusive citizen.

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