The Implications of Technology

I was in grade 8 when Amanda Todd left this earth. At this age I thought I knew it all. She was bullied because of the internet, took her own life as an escape, and now teachers took every opportunity they could to scare us off the internet. In grade 8 I had a phone, Ipod, laptop, and had surpassed my parents knowledge of technology. I was not about to give it up because of one incident.

Years went by and teachers kept using the same scare tactics. It wasn’t very effective. As Amanda Todd kept being used as an example of failure, I saw her as a person failed by an outdated system. Now I’ve had the privilege of having Carol Todd speak to my EDTC300 class about the reality of the internet.

amanda todd legacy symbol
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Carol Todd told spoke about her negative encounters on the internet through Amanda’s story and her own, but she does not believe that ignoring the internet will help. Her understanding perspective allows for a healthy conversation to ensue. She speaks about safety, education, and embracing the internet.

The man who sextorted Amanda Todd has since fled the country and is undergoing trials for his actions in the Netherlands. His cruel acts have effected multiple young girls, and men similar to him are repeating his actions to unsuspecting victims all across the world.

Law makers are recognizing this issue, but the law is not being updated fast enough to protect the vulnerable on the internet. This is where Carol Todd’s mission begins. She aims to educate children and youth about protecting themselves on the internet. She does in a multitude of ways:

Carol Todd works hard to make sure that her daughters suffering and death will not be forgotten. Amanda Todd’s story will continue to live on in it’s uniqueness as, “Snowflakes cannot be duplicated because they are one of a kind… just like Amanda”

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