What is ASL?

ASL stands for American Sign Language. it is a language of its own that a deaf or hearing impaired person may use to communicate. I have had encounters with learning ASL before, but never to this extent that I am committing to learning it. In church I learned songs in sign language, but never truly understood that the formation that my hands were moving were the equivalent to the words being sung verbally.

In the last year I have found myself becoming more and more interested in communication – both verbal and non-verbal. I enjoy learning about body language, different spoken languages such as English which is my first language French which I am currently working on learning, and of course Sign Language and even Braille. My hope for the future is to become multilingual in English, French, and Sign Language.

I realize that I have a long way to go before I meet that goal. What better way to begin my journey in Sign Language than to learn it intensively over a 10 week period for class. I’m not planning on becoming a master of the language by April, but I hope to build a foundation that I can continue to work from after the assignment is complete.

I will be making weekly videos to showcase my progress in learning ASL. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up to date and learn along with me Hayley Hodson