Hello and welcome to my E-Portfolio!

A place where I can showcase my learning through four years of Education at the University of Regina. I have known I wanted to be a teacher my entire life. I never had a doubt in my mind of what I wanted to be in this world. Even though I was certain of the end goal, I never stopped to wonder what the journey to get to that point would look like.

This blog is it.

This blog is the messy middle where I transition from student to teacher. Every thought and belief I have and learn throughout my education is posted to this blog in order to document my journey in becoming a teacher.

Along with having a passion for teaching, I strive to become a positive member of my community. I enjoy embracing the world around me with open arms through means of reading, learning, and sharing.

I invite you all to join me as I attempt to navigate adulthood and education on and offline!


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